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Is Your Site Mobile Ready? (Inforgraph)

At Reed Design Group, we take the time to listen to your needs and establish an effective design/marketing strategy that helps your business grow! Bottom Line: When these elements come together, you, as the client will feel great about your design investment in that it has just paid for itself in [...]

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7 Creative Branding Ideas to Help Your Business Shine

So, you have the Brick and Mortar business and you've gained a decent amount of traction, however you are still wondering if it could be BETTER than what it is. Why do you ask? Because branding is also about connecting and relevance. Its as simple as If your brand doesn't connect with your intended [...]

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Is Your Website Producing Quality Leads For YOUR Business?

When we usually ask, "Why did you build a website for your business?" it's usually answered with the following responses: "Because everyone else had one..." "We were hoping to save on high marketing costs" "We could rapidly expand our brand presence online" While all are good responses, chances are when you built your first website you [...]

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The Bloggers Guide to WordPress Security

Being a blogger can be fun, you can also make A LOT of money if you choose to do so. However, as with many things online these days, there's ALWAYS that looming threat of hackers plotting to take over and possibly destroy your site. This isnt to say that all is lost, there are a [...]

By | 2018-08-21T19:42:37+00:00 September 9th, 2017|How To|0 Comments vs, What’s the Deal?

Ok, so the Great Debate continues about the benefits and differences of WordPress(.com) vs. WordPress(.org) online. There are definitely benefits and drawbacks to each platform, HOWEVER they're both supported by the same great team at Automattic, the brains behind the development of WordPress. Period. It's STILL WordPress....right? [...]

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Can Your Brand Survive On Facebook Alone?

It's safe to assume that many small business owners would forgo the effort of building a website and simply just rely on what the largest social media network of all time, Facebook,  could give them at almost no cost. Where everyone is...including us! :) [...]

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Stop Procrastinating On Building Your Website!

We are often our own worst enemy when it comes to planning and building our website or marketing for our businesses in general. The main reason probably most businesses is not a lack of knowledge,  it's not a lack of resources or information. Neither it is a shortage of ideas, energy or desire to achieve better [...]

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10 Mind Blowing WordPress Statistics

WordPress has become perhaps the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. Today, WordPress is used by more than 76 million sites, or roughly 27% worldwide. This widely used CMS has become a favorite among businesses because of how powerful of a tool it is. Just how powerful is WordPress exactly? Check out the [...]

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Our New Client: Garage Doors Plus

Garage Doors Plus of Arlington Garage Doors Plus offers excellent Service, Rates and More! Who Are They? Based in Arlington, Texas - Garage Doors Plus is made up of a great team that provides custom installations for Garage Doors, Exterior/Interior Doors and More! They are very professional at ensuring that [...]

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