Why Hiring a Professional Design Team SEEMS expensive


August 6, 2021

Why Hiring a Professional Design Team SEEMS expensive

As a business owner, you probably have spoken with a few designers in the past and received quotes that seem very expensive compared to Wix or Weebly site builder applications.

You may feel justified in feeling this way until your competition continues to gain more customers through the use of innovative features and services showcased on their site created by a professional team.

Higher Expectations

As more and more businesses are beginning to venture out from the limitations of WIX or Weebly startup websites, they want more control of features; in short, they have higher expectations. They are becoming aware that a professionally designed and developed website is a serious investment while still looking at the greater returns that a properly crafted site can generate over time.

I get it, no one likes having to pay a lot of money for anything, always looking for the best deals. However, if you’re facing a serious business growth problem, would you want to pay someone who may not have the experience to solve it simply because they’re cheaper? You could, but you would probably end up with a product you’re not satisfied with, and it still wouldn’t solve your overall problem. Which ultimately costs you more money than you intended to spend in the first place.

Today’s businesses want simplicity, whether it’s through design or functionality. Achieving that degree of simplicity usually involves complex planning, coding, refining, and ultimately a larger price tag. In short, you have to pay to play. It’s not uncommon for businesses to spend upwards of $25k or more for a beautiful, highly functional website; however, that same $25k website would usually generate over $100k or more in sales. While that investment may be a sticker shock to some people, others who believe they have a product or service in demand KNOW the true cost and are more than willing to invest in themselves.

What Can You Do

Design Factors

When thinking of building a custom website by a professional, the idea of it is not much different than building a custom home. Some similarities are:

Design proposal

Quality materials/tools

The right design team for you


Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Speaking of time, would it really make you comfortable to have a custom-designed home built in 1 day? Pouring the foundation of such a home would take at least that same amount of time.

It is just as essential to put the same level of consideration when having a custom-designed website built. Ultimately, you would want a site with a solid foundation in design and functionality but will GROW with your business. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Choose Wisely

In reality, an effective, modern website requires a lot of planning, time, attention, effort, and skill. Suppose you need constant site updates, but have a limited or nonexistent budget. In that case, Wix or Weebly remain as sustainable options by selling a high volume of sites built on automation and templatization. Nowadays, people think it’s simple and “easy” to create a website…as long as you know how to establish a layout and understand color schemes properly. If you’re looking for a custom branded site that tells your story, reaches your target audience, and is easy to manage, then you should be ready to pay a little bit extra– but keep your expectations in check as well.

So now you know the steps needed to make the change, let’s get on it!

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Bottom Line:

When these elements come together, you, as the client will feel great about your design investment in that it has just paid for itself in increased visitor traffic and conversion rates!

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