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Our Mission is to help your web presence realize its’ full potential

It’s a simple, but effective statement that moves us daily for our Clients.

We will work with you to help ensure your business realize its full potential by using the latest in internet technologies. Our Customer-centered approach is what separates RDG from the typical web design agency.

We prefer Quality over Quantity

We don’t take on a lot of customers every month for a reason, we prefer quality over quantity. This gives you that truly personal touch!

We have also built a solid reputation for developing innovative designs for local businesses in the Dallas Fort Worth area and beyond!

“We highly value professionalism and I personally hold myself strictly accountable to help represent your brand..”


-Derek Reed – Principal / Lead designer

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We take your existing ideas and find inspiration at your existing site, or even your physical environment, and develop a site you can be proud of!


New or small businesses usually have limited resources to hire a big marketing agency, since their design & development fees help them pay for their offices and staff. Here at RDG, we offer a “Big Agency” product without the “Big Agency” overhead.


We’re here when you need us. We live to help your Business or Brand reach its’ FULL potential!

And we’re humble



Derek Reed

Derek Reed

Principal & Lead Design Consultant

He is currently responsible for the successful creation and management of many sites for both business and personal use.

In the past, He as also served as a consult for large-scale corporate projects such as the development of a web-based enterprise level SharePoint Staffing / Attrition system. He has held multiple key Senior Level positions in Reporting Analytics and Workforce Management Centers at several large firms, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Citigroup. These positions has helped shape his overall professional business acumen, as well as incorporating reporting and analytics into his clients websites.

He developed a passion for building websites and began taking on clients while still in college. This passion allowed him to develop a range of creativity that fits Clients very well. He is primarily responsible for taking concept ideas and making them into fully functioning websites. So eventually Reed Design Group was born.

He holds a degree in Computer Electronics Engineering and Design.

Joe Youngblood

Joe Youngblood

SEO Consultant & Founder of Joe Youngblood SEO & Digital Marketing

Our organic search strategy is overseen by industry expert Joe Youngblood. Joe has worked on SEO for major brands and enterprise corporations including but definitely not limited to: Travelocity, Essilor, A-Max Insurance, Kalkomey, and BG Staffing to help increase their presence and sales from organic search results.

With over 15 years of experience, his passion is predicting where online marketing is heading and attempting to maneuver in that direction before anyone else, avoiding Google penalties and seemingly sudden shifts in user preferences while developing new strategies to utilize new techniques and tactics in digital marketing.

Joe has spoken at many public events such as PubCon, his work has also been featured in Search Engine Journal’s Top SEO Picks.

He holds degrees in Marketing and Marketing Research

La-Keesha Reed

General Office Manager

Bringing a wealth of experience in office administration and management, La-Keesha’s dedication to maintaining a productive and harmonious work environment is second to none. Her exceptional communication skills and knack for problem-solving make her an invaluable asset to both the team and clients alike.

Adam Garlinger

Branding Manager

Adam is the creative branding craftsman with a passion for logos and identity design. Helping clients create their visual language through design and the written word.

Alfie Magliano

Regional Sales & Business Development Manager

Alfie’s strategic vision and exceptional leadership have played a pivotal role in driving revenue growth and expanding Reed Design Group’s market presence across the region. With a natural aptitude for building strong relationships, he fosters connections with clients and partners, ensuring long-lasting collaborations built on trust and mutual success.

With a background marked by consistent achievements, Alfie Magliano continues to elevate Reed Design Group’s sales strategies, contributing to the company’s ongoing success and its reputation as a leader in innovative design solutions.

Cory Nunnally

Social Media & Copywriting Manager

Cory is a highly versatile writer, bringing a wealth of skills with over 4 years of professional experience in the industry.

Cory is responsible for providing Social Media Management and Copywriting services for our new and existing clients, specializing in content writing and creation!

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