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Putting a Face To The Name…

Derek Reed
Derek ReedPrincipal / Lead Consultant

Derek oversees the creative direction as well as business development at Reed Design Group.

He is currently responsible for the successful creation and management of many sites for both business and personal use.

In the past, He as also served as a consult for large-scale corporate projects such as the development of a SharePoint Staffing / Attrition system. He has held multiple key Senior Level positions in Reporting Analytics and Workforce Management Centers at several large firms, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Citigroup. These positions has helped shape his overall professional business acumen, as well as incorporating reporting and analytics into his clients websites.

He developed a passion for building websites and began taking on clients while still in college. This passion allowed him to develop a range of creativity that fits Clients very well. He is primarily responsible for taking concept ideas and making them into fully functioning websites. So eventually Reed Design Group was born.

He holds a degree in Computer Electronic Engineering and Design.

He is also a member of various professional groups such as Freelancers Union and BPO

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“Most of all I’d like for you to consider RDG for your next web design project. We have a strong sense of determining a clients design needs when developing layout concepts. We have a passion for helping brands grow and learn new techniques in the process.

We highly value professionalism and I personally hold myself strictly accountable to represent your brand. Our aim is to form a long-term working partnership.

If you feel that RDG would be a good fit to help develop your vision, we will be able to work within your target budget.

Let us know and get started bringing your vision to life!”

– Derek

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Harish Krishnakumar
Harish KrishnakumarProject Manager

Harish is responsible for all technical development aspects at Reed Design Group.

Harish is highly experienced in defining business process, scope objectives through research and fact-finding with the understanding of applicable business systems and processes.  He’s also responsible for client development and retention.  Just to list SOME of his skills:

  • IT Technical/Business Consulting

  • Strong technical background and Programming skills in Java

  • Application development using MS Access Databases

  • Requirement gathering and analysis across different phases of the projects

On top of that, hes’ a great guy to to work with!

Derek has literally shown me a whole different way to look at my existing site, and turn it into something wonderful for my business! He has also “Reedesigned”

my company logo and I cant thank him enough for that!

Leo Washington, Next Level Entertainment

My Stationery Boutique was originally created in “Wix” (ugh) sitebulder. But Derek has taken my old site and created a look in a new platform that truly represents my Invitations! I would recommend him, but not to my competition (wink)!

“Big Thanks to Derek Reed & Reed Design Group! RDG was responsible for the the revamp of the PyroPunks site & Brand! He has perfectly created another business site for me, Bugs and Rugs Pest Control services as well! Definitely recommend!”


“Derek and the RDG Team was instrumental in making our boring “Free” website into something that truly fits our Style and Brand! His team was also responsible for our promotional Ad pieces for Food Network and they look GREAT! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!” Thank You Derek!!

Anyatta and Sonjii – Team Sinsational

Anyatta Ward and Sonjii Ward-Jones - Sinsational Cakes Bakery, 2x Winners of Food Networks' of Cake Wars, Sinsational Cakes Bakery

“Derek was the consummate professional from start to finish. He delivered EXACTLY what he promised, made no excuses, and was on time and on Budget! I’d Recommend Him and His team in the future!” – Enrique, Garage Doors Plus

Enrique Vasquez III, Garage Doors Plus


Our focus is on the small to midsize businesses that desire to establish a powerful presence online. We are specially trained professionals dedicated to providing professional services.

We will help to ensure that your business realizes it’s full profit potential offered by the latest Internet technologies. Our customer centered approach separates us from typical web design companies. We have built a solid reputation for creating innovative designs for our clients. If you are serious about your web design success, Reed Design Group can get you there.



We take your existing ideas and find inspiration at your existing site, or even your physical environment, and develop a site you can be proud of!


New or small businesses usually have limited resources to hire a big marketing agency, since their design & development fees help them pay for their offices and staff. Here at RDG, we offer a “Big Agency” product without the “Big Agency” overhead.


We’re here when you need us. We live to help your Business or Brand reach its’ FULL potential!


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We’re Here To Help ReeDesign Your Web Presence

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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