Is Your Website Producing Quality Leads For YOUR Business?

When we usually ask, “Why did you build a website for your business?” it’s usually answered with the following responses:

  • “Because everyone else had one…”
  • “We were hoping to save on high marketing costs”
  • “We could rapidly expand our brand presence online”

While all are good responses, chances are when you built your first website you likely didn’t have a defined set of goals that your website was to achieve. This is pretty common.

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More Leads please…..

In fact for fun I’ll sometimes ask business people I meet what their goal for their website is and they’re often taken back. Sometimes they tend to admit that’s the first time that any designer actually asked that particular question.

To be more blunt, would you hire a sales person for your company without a set of goals written or not for their position?  Of course you wouldn’t, that would be insane and a waste of money! Right?

Well your website has  the potential to be your Number One performing salesperson!

In fact if done right – from marketing to strategy and design – it will deliver better clients than you’ve ever experienced. The kind of clients that really resonate with your product or service.

In fact we should probably look at what defines a quality lead first.

What Are The Ideal Quality Leads?

The quality leads are basically a product, or result of establishing your goals early. You as a business owner HAVE to know WHO your target audience is, HOW much they typically spend, also WHEN and WHERE they spend their money.


Such a magnetic personality…

  • The prospect understands your product or service

    By producing informative and engaging content, your visitors will self educate themselves on your product and service far beyond what a sales presentation can achieve. Then when they come on board, they have clearer expectations of what your product or service will achieve for them.

  • Your Prospect KNOWS you..

    Well sort of… they understand and appreciate your people, your online voice, your brand and what you stand for. You’ve engaged with them, communicated on their own terms, and they’ve gotten to know and trust you. You’ve likely been in their office, their living room, or den OR you’ve never met them in person!

  • Their objections have all been overcome

    By thoroughly educating your prospect on typical areas of client concern, you’re able to overcome most, if not all, objections before you ever have a conversation with them!

  • They’re already a Fan!

    If done right; before your client signs the dotted line, they’re already a fan. Wouldn’t it be great that every client who signs up is a fan before they start? Now all you have to do is match or exceed the expectations for which you’ve drawn out.

How Does a Website Produce These Leads?

There are ENDLESS possibilities for lead generation, but keep in mind, there are dozens of little factors involved in lead generation. Some do it well, and some just don’t. The difference is in the site and the industry its representing. A lead generation website has a specific set of pages, each with specific elements.

One of the best strategies in successfully attaining the level of quality leads you strive for, is to evaluate your offline sales process. Ask yourself (and your current clients) some questions like:

  • Why Did You Buy From/or Stay With Us?

    Its not intended to minimize your brand, its actually the opposite. This question helps dive into your customers buying psychology. It also helps your to tailor your brand to customers that are tending to buy from your brand or service in the future!

  • What concerns did you have prior to becoming a customer?

    This can be a bit tricky, as some customers tend to not want to offend you, but you have to assure them to be as honest as possible. Make sure to ask Fact Finding questions. This again helps to better serve your clients or customers in the future!

Take all of this information and have your website designed and developed to SOLVE these questions, or as many as possible. Be transparent, and when that lead comes in, they’ll be ready to get to business!

Have you compared your offline sales process to your online web presence? We’d love know how it affected your results!

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At Reed Design Group, we take the time to listen to your needs and establish an effective design/marketing strategy that helps your business grow!

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Bottom Line:

When these elements come together, you, as the client will feel great about your design investment in that it has just paid for itself in increased visitor traffic and conversion rates!

 Contact Reed Design Group today to find out how we can be a value-add partner to your team!


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