What Is Web Hosting?

What’s the difference between web hosting, a domain name, and a URL? This is one of the first things you’ll need to know when getting a website up. It can be confusing at first, but once you understand it, it is very simple to comprehend.


A typical server room for hosting large data centers (image courtesy of 1and1.com)

So, Just What IS Web Hosting?

Here’s a good analogy – Think of a huge apartment complex full of rooms. When you walk up to one of the apartment rooms, on the front door is a number.

You can think of the apartment number as the domain name. So, the domain name is just the front door of your website.  It’s what people will be looking for to find you.

When you open the door, you’re going into the actual apartment room. This would be considered the hosting account of your website. Your hosting account is where all of your account features sits. It’s the space you put everything.

So, your website’s hosting is where you put all of your website related things. It’s where all your content lives, like your images, your text, your videos, and anything else on your website. So, when you purchase hosting, you are purchasing the space to store all of your stuff in.

What Is The Difference Between A Domain Name and A Hosting Service?

The MAIN difference between a domain name and a hosting account is that you can buy a domain name only and just own the name, without having to buy a hosting account. However you wouldn’t be able to build your website until you bought web hosting.

Where Should You Get Web Hosting?

You can buy hosting several places. Many companies offer web domain and hosting in package deals and offer savings for this package. Some of the more popular places that people use are:

All three of these are very popular choices with great customer service.

Do Your Homework: It’s best to check each one. Look at their pricing and choose which one best fits your needs. A great thing to do is call the customer service line and test their customer services.

Don’t be afraid to ask them any question you want, and if you don’t get the good answers that you need, then move to a new company. These people should always be willing to answer anything that you ask and be open to helping.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand what web hosting is and where you can go to find a good hosting plan.

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The REAL Value of a Good Web Design(er)

A website, combined with a planned internet and social media marketing strategy, allows you to make regular contact with existing clients (Pareto’s Principle says that 80% of our income comes from 20% of our clients so it makes a great deal of sense to keep in contact with them) as well as to market to new clients. And it’s far more efficient and effective than the usual hit-and-run cycle that is usually followed.

A well executed site can bring great value to the business when all three things happen:

  1. The site itself provides useful and pertinent information to the customer without them losing interest.

  2. The designer helps the client with a marketing strategy, or at the very least help get them in touch with a reputable Marketing/SEO team.

  3. As a major part of the business sales funnel,  the Site helps prospects convert to sales or service requests.

When these elements come together, you, as the client will feel great about your design investment in that it has just paid for itself in increased visitor traffic and conversion rates!

Bottom Line:

When these elements come together, you, as the client will feel great about your design investment in that it has just paid for itself in increased visitor traffic and conversion rates!

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