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Being a blogger can be fun, you can also make A LOT of money if you choose to do so. However, as with many things online these days, there’s ALWAYS that looming threat of hackers plotting to take over and possibly destroy your site. This isnt to say that all is lost, there are a lot of great people who make it their life’s mission to make sure that the Internet community continues to grow and be a great place overall.

We’ll talk a bit about one in particular, Alex Grant of, who has created a rather detailed, if not Definitive, guide to help you be a more Secure Blogger online!

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Security For BLOGGING? Why?

As mentioned earlier, Blogging can be a VERY lucrative business IF you know your audience and have a brand, product or service that almost sells itself.  And unfortunately there are plenty of hackers out there more than willing to take advantage of that by doing some of the following:

  • Copying the Bloggers page info/design and claiming it as their own to steer the bloggers audience away (a.k.a. Black Hat SEO)

  • Accessing the Bloggers email database and grabbing  or “scraping” visitor information for whatever purpose

  • If money is involved, any transnational information is at risk as well

If that last bullet point caught your attention, it should! According to Alex Grant at, roughly 30,000 websites are hacked DAILY!

“In a perfect world, using a popular content management system like WordPress would end many security woes — but unfortunately, that’s not the case…”

Alex Grant,

Alex Grant, a Product Manager at ( , points out: “But becoming a blogger shouldn’t mean that you have to be some sort of technical savant. You’re a content producer, not a hacker…”

Alex has created a HIGHLY detailed and straightforward guide “The Bloggers Guide To WordPress Security” that shows you exactly how to protect yourself online! Its a good read and also has a table of contents to jump to specific points of interest, however you may want to review in its entirety. You wont regret it!

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