Stop Procrastinating On Building Your Website!

We are often our own worst enemy when it comes to planning and building our website or marketing for our businesses in general. The main reason probably most businesses is not a lack of knowledge,  it’s not a lack of resources or information. Neither it is a shortage of ideas, energy or desire to achieve better results. Usually, the number one reason crippling most small businesses is simply a Fear Of Making A Choice, (FOMAC).

Um…Yeah, THAT’s Productive…

As a small business we often want to be perfect in everything we do. Perfect without the resources, financial ability, or skills to create the imaginary perfection line we strive for.  I cannot think of a place that this is more prominent than when it comes to a companies website design. Remember, having a good website design and function is the equivalent of having a good, clean and well planned storefront or office space.

My favorite question from a client is how long will it take (I’m speaking about website design specifically here). I always chuckle at this, because it’s always the same answer. “When all your content, (Images and Verbiage) is ready – about two weeks.”

I always get a funny look from that, but the funny part really is that we will get in our own way. In fact the average website build is somewhere between 1 and 2 months, not the two weeks it actually takes of manpower. In some horror cases I’ve seen client delays into the years.

This usually isn’t because of slow designers or technical difficulties, but often fear of decision on simple components that will likely change anyways.

Really you will make changes –  we do all the time..and frankly you should too! Testing, testing, testing is a key component to success on the web. So chances are your site will never be finished (I hope this is the case, or your business is likely finished too).

If we know this is the case, then the sooner we get the site up and built, the sooner we can focus on the important stuff…changing it! We hope this helps provide a little bit of guidance, and leave some comments on your thoughts of procrastination.

At Reed Design Group, we take the time to listen to your needs and establish an effective design/marketing strategy that helps your business grow!

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The REAL Value of a Good Web Design(er)

A website, combined with a planned internet and social media marketing strategy, allows you to make regular contact with existing clients (Pareto’s Principle says that 80% of our income comes from 20% of our clients so it makes a great deal of sense to keep in contact with them) as well as to market to new clients. And it’s far more efficient and effective than the usual hit-and-run cycle that is usually followed.

A well executed site can bring great value to the business when all three things happen:

  1. The site itself provides useful and pertinent information to the customer without them losing interest.

  2. The designer helps the client with a marketing strategy, or at the very least help get them in touch with a reputable Marketing/SEO team.

  3. As a major part of the business sales funnel,  the Site helps prospects convert to sales or service requests.

When these elements come together, you, as the client will feel great about your design investment in that it has just paid for itself in increased visitor traffic and conversion rates!

Bottom Line:

When these elements come together, you, as the client will feel great about your design investment in that it has just paid for itself in increased visitor traffic and conversion rates!

 Contact Reed Design Group today to find out how we can be a value-add partner to your team!


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