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See How Easy You Can Earn Up To $500 Just By Spreading The Word About Reed Design Group!

By using the power of Word of Mouth and Social Media, tell your friends and for those that are interested in having their next website created for their Business or Brand to Consider building with Reed Design Group!

Once you have their consent, Enter your referral’s contact information on the form provided here and we will take care of the rest!

The more referrals you submit here, the more money you’re eligible to earn! NO REFERRAL LIMITS!

You can also post the following link on your social media pages




Once our new client completes their web design project with RDG, we will then send you a check for up to 15% of our New Clients Project or a maximum of $500.00. That’s it, It’s RDG’s way of saying Thank You!

Just so we are clear:

  • The person being referred MUST become a Client of RDG for Website Design or Website Redesign services in order for you to be eligible receive your referral bonus.

  • This Offer is valid only for Website Design or Website Redesign services only and is not applicable to other services that RDG offers.

  • The referral bonus is determined by the total net amount of the project, up to 15% or a maximum amount of $500.

  • Your Referral Bonus will be mailed up to 30 business days from the day your referral has completed their website project with RDG.

For NEW Clients Only: Call Reed Design Group today and find out how we can help your business grow. Make sure that you use the referral code ReferMeRDG  and YOU will also receive a discount on our services!

[RDG Cares – STOP SPAM] This message has been sent as a part of discussion between the Referrer and the addressee whose name is specified above. Should you receive this message by mistake, we would be most grateful if you informed us that the message has been sent to you. In this case, we also ask that you delete this message from your mailbox, and do not forward it or any part of it to anyone else. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.