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Welcome Lance and Team!

Thank You for Considering Reed Design Group for Your Site Design Needs! I personally believe that your work is nothing short of phenomenal and the images are very striking. However I believe your work has outgrown your existing site, and that’s where I believe I can help!

Lance Gross Photography Website

Current Site Design

Current Site Design: Mobile View Perspective

What RDG Can Do

  • DESIGN – The overall look of your site is a representative of your Brand. By refining the existing framework to allow for mobile/tablet responsiveness across all devices, RDG can make sure that your brand can reach your audience regardless of what platform or device they use so they can see your vision through your eyes, or in this case, your camera lens.
  • FEATURES – While keeping existing color scheme to allow for users to focus on the Photography,  RDG can employ useful features that can be strategically incorporated to enhance user experience.
  • CONNECTIVITY – Along with your existing Social Media channels, RDG can help with establishing a system to help you and your team manage how your posts and images are being received by your followers and establish a dashboard to stay informed at all times.


A lot of Web Designers and Agencies like to talk about how great their websites are.

However, at Reed Design Group, we let Our Clients be Our Voice! 

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