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Using the power of Social Media, tell your friends and for those that are interested, give them this code:


Also, provide your email address to RDG using our contact form stating you have referred a friend (be sure to include their name/contact info)

For NEW Clients Only: Call Reed Design Group today and find out how we can help your business grow. Make sure that you use the referral code ReferMeRDG  and YOU will also receive a discount on our services!

Once our new client chooses RDG for their web design services, RDG will then send you a check for $100.00. That’s it, Your check will be mailed to you just for spreading the word! Its RDG’s way of saying Thank You!

Just so we are clear:
  • This program is valid only for Website Design or Website Redesign services only and is not applicable to other services that RDG offers.
  • The person being referred MUST become a Client of RDG for Website Design or Website Redesign services in order for you to receive your $100.00 referral bonus.
  • Referral Bonus will be mailed 14 business days from the Day your referral becomes a Client of RDG.