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Project Description

Project Brief: Garage Doors Plus

Garage Doors Plus is a garage door installation and repair company that have been serving customers for almost 10 years. The company was looking for a site refresh to modernize the general site layout, as well as updating the company branding.

They were also looking for a way to leverage the ability to keep their existing clientele engaged through the use of social media like Twitter and Facebook while keeping the visual brand across all channels.


RDG updated the existing logo for inspiration and made it more prominent and moved the framework out of HTML 2.0 into WordPress, which capitalizes on both form and functionality.

The form consisting of a more simplified layout and limited the use of dark visual elements.

The functionality consists of the WordPress framework that allows for quick management of content as well as the ability to manage image and site content.

Skills Used For This Project

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design: Photoshop 90%
Custom CSS Coding 85%
CMS: WordPress 90%

Conceptual Design Samples


Concept Website Layout


Company Logo Design

Final Site Design