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Project Description

Project Brief: Alyssa Miller, Freelance Model

Alyssa is a freelance model with over 5 years experience in the modeling industry.  Her work has been showcased from Dallas Fashion Magazines to New York Fashion Week.  She was initially looking to establish a site to showcase her headshots and some of her previous work.


As a starting point, RDG established and developed a new logo for inspiration for the remaining layout of the site, which is clean and simplistic and focuses on her work. We actually color matched the blue color scheme to her eyes, which served as highlights throuought the site itself.

The functionality consists of the WordPress framework that allows for quick management of content as well as the ability to manage image and site content.

Skills Used For This Project

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design: Photoshop 90%
Custom CSS Coding 85%
CMS: WordPress 90%

Conceptual Design Samples

Concept Website Layout

Logo Design

Final Site Design