Start Your OWN Subscription Service…FOR FREE!

Online subscription and recurring billing solution Chargebee is debuting a new program that will offer all of its services for FREE (YES, FREE) for businesses until they generate up to $50,000 in revenue. 

Chargebee is essentially enabling those interested in starting a subscription process to do so at no cost; the company will even process real transactions with the payment gateway of the startup’s choice including Stripe, Braintree, Worldpay, PayPal and Amazon Payments, among others.

The circle (sort-of) of SEO Life

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Only when these customers successfully validate their business ideas and start generating revenue, will they become paying Chargebee customers.

“Chargebee has worked toward becoming a natural extension to businesses and pairs equally well with startups and big businesses,” said Germain Brion, VP of Customer Success & Partnerships.

With the ‘Launch Program,’ a company essentially inherits a billing expert team that functions as a part of their own team, and will handle the finance, support, marketing and sales, and customer service efforts. By freeing up valuable time each day, company founders, developers, and other departments can focus on their products and services and give more attention to customers, which greatly enhances their chances of success.”

Find out more about Chargebee’s other great services at their website by clicking HERE

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