The Last Day of Flash (At Least For Google)

//The Last Day of Flash (At Least For Google)

The Last Day of Flash (At Least For Google)

Google announced in June 2015 that its Chrome Browser would soon be able to pause content that was not “central” or essential to the Web page – and that day has come.

Starting today (September 1, 2015), a Chrome update will make Flash-blocking the default state for users, and will begin pausing many Flash ads by default to improve performance for users. If you’re still running a Flash website or Flash ads, the experience provided to consumers/end-users will most definitely be affected.

For advertisers, Google recommends switching over to HTML5 ads to prevent blocking and has provided some support documentation to help manage the change. According to Google, most Flash ads that are uploaded to AdWords, however, are automatically converted.

What This Means For You and Your Online Brand?

If your site is running in a HTML5, CSS, WordPress or similar framework, you have nothing to worry about. For those that refuse to move away from a non-Ad Words supported Flash-based ad, or even an entire site based in’re in for a bit of trouble.

Hey Hey Hey..Good-Bye!!

Immediate Impact to your Ads/or Site as of 9.1.15

Immediate Impact to your Ads/or Site as of 9.1.15

  • Your Ads will no longer play upon users visiting your page or site

  • Your site runs the risk of not being viewed at all within Google Chrome

  • Your site will continue to lose ranking within Google search engines

Flash is not even supported onĀ any mobile devices, of which most people use to access the web nowadays. So let’s face it..

What You Can Do About It

All is not lost, now would be a great time to reach out to call or visitĀ Reed Design Group for a FREE consultation, as well as getting a FREE Website mockup preview so you can see how we can get your site and ultimately your Brand back on the right track when it comes to being a beautiful, functional, and most of all, a Searchable website! Call Us Today at 817-983-3290!

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