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What are your rates for Design and Development services? 2017-03-23T00:05:10+00:00

Reed Design Group prides itself on providing customers with a large design agency service, without the large design agency fees.  With that said, our rates normally start at $75.00 an hour for our project development. This rate is fair and competitive for industry standards and we belive that you will get quality personalized service, and  a complete design that you will definitely be proud of.

How does the Web Design Process Work? 2017-03-23T00:05:10+00:00

We keep the entire process as simple as four steps,

  1. Email or Call RDG today at 817-983-3290.
    We can help you get started on your new website design. Helping businesses connect with their customers is our specialty! Even if you are unsure of where to start, we’re here to help. Great web design starts and ends with your business.  Our experience and dedication to the task at hand, allows us to ask the right questions and find out about how our designs can be an extension of your business. We listen, make suggestions, and work together with you to ensure we come up with  a solution that you can be proud of.
  2. Design and Plan
    Once we have decided on the primary goals for your new site, we plan out your website content and translate that information into a basic wire-frame structure that  describes the placement of all of your site elements (buttons, images, verbiage). We then fine tune the design until we have a great working model prior to graphic design and final mock up and upload of all the site elements.
  3. Secure and Test
    When we design the final look, we continue to fine tune every detail. We rigorously test the site across all browser platforms, as well as various PC/Mobile devices (iPhone/Android/PC/MAC).  We make sure that prior to launch, that your site delivers your key content clearly to your potential customers. We walk you through the process of using content management systems, such as WordPress and other tools that will allow for you to manage your own site, and as always, RDG will be there for support!
  4. Ready for Launch!
    Don’t think we would throw you to the deep end of the pool once the site is launched. The final piece involves RDG checking to ensure your site is properly being read by Google and other search engine crawlers. We  also help with setting up social media ad campaigns to ensure your business is reaching target audiences.