7 Creative Branding Ideas to Help Your Business Shine

So, you have the Brick and Mortar business and you’ve gained a decent amount of traction, however you are still wondering if it could be BETTER than what it is.

Why do you ask? Because branding is also about connecting and relevance.

Its as simple as If your brand doesn’t connect with your intended audience you lose potential customers, possibly forever!

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Gotta Start Somewhere…Right?

Companies big AND small live and die on the success or failure of their Brands…but yours doesn’t have to have the same dismal fate

Here’s 7 creative branding ideas that can help your company grow into the ideal version of itself!

7 Creative Branding Ideas

  • 1 – Sponsor YouTube Videos

    YouTube is a TREASURE TROVE of viewers, over 5 billion to be exact. Major companies are quick to use YT as a go to method for increasing their Brand awareness.

    And with that said, they also spend vast amounts of money for marketing, but you dont have to

    You can send influencers (in your industry or market, of course) free or low cost products of yours to review!

    Moreover, you may want to seek and partner with a Promotional Content Creator (ie. Vlogger/Social Media Junkie) that can add their own twist to better position your product with that ideal influencer!

  • 2 – Host a local event

    For small or obscure companies that are trying to get more exposure in their industry, this is one of the BEST ways to be seen AND have face to Face time with your potential clients or partnerships

    Also for a more creative edge, leverage your existing social media platforms to showcase the event!

    Growth Hack Bonus-create a good hashtag and have your GUESTS videotape some footage of the event as well! this exposes THEIR followers to your brand instantly as well, effectively making THEM your Brand Ambassadors!

  • 3 – Give the Freebies

    This is also important in generating Brand Awareness, but just know that Freebies (emphasis on the word FREE) is ususally the #1 thing people go for.

    Just know that because its FREE to them, doesn’t mean it has to COST an arm/leg for YOU as a business. Depending on your business you can provide a low cost service but something that they’re going to really appreciate for you offering. This is MUCH better than getting a Flyer of you trying to SELL them something off the bat.

  • 4 – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to LevelUp your Brand Awareness

    This one ties back a bit with Idea #2 but consider the Large companies that actually changed their ENTIRE marketing plans to target a different audience. YOUR business can do the same. It takes some time to think it through and alot of research, but if you’re able to get the attention of a popular Social media influencer that you’ve normally wouldn’t consider, the possibilities are endless!

  • 5 – Change Your Name/Logo

    This may sound a bit of a gamble for some, but if your Brand needs to revitalization, it DOES help! and it has been done before. But get this, you may have a different name/logo, BUT you’re delivering the same product/service, its just being aimed at the RIGHT audience this go around.

    Think about ABC Family to Freeform for a sec. For a While, ABC Family was beginning to deliver shows/content that was veering away from the “Wholesome” image that the ABC Brand stood for. So they recognized this and ADAPTED! The name changed and the content continued to FIT the new name change for the RIGHT audience.

  • 6 – Focus Inward

    Another great way to make your company stand out online is to look INWARD at the visitors that already USE your site. There are ‘tools’ that can help your brand gauge how well the site is/or isn’t performing.

    Growth Hack Bonus: Beta testing with a specific market of users is a great way to establish a baseline, or starting point for how your site looks from THE visitors view. This helps address things like “How is the color scheme, is it warm/inviting or cold or off-putting?” Address as many of the potential issues your site may face from a user perspective, because as you know, First Impressions are EVERYTHING!

  • 7- Make an @$$ of yourself

    As a company, depending on your intended audience, this may or may not work. BUT with that said, not EVERYTHING about your company HAS TO BE SO SERIOUS

    Sometimes a light-hearted humorous approach would be the key to break the ice between your brand and new customers!

    If planned right, you can give your views a good laugh, AND promote WHY your product/service stans out from the rest!

    Growth Hack Tip- Make sure you place any HashTags (#)or Social Media links as appropriate to keep them engaged long after the video has played.

We hope these 7 examples give you that spark of an Idea to help your brand stand out above your competition and if done right, you will have loyal followers and customers for life!

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At Reed Design Group, we take the time to listen to your needs and establish an effective design/marketing strategy that helps your business grow!

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Bottom Line:

When these elements come together, you, as the client will feel great about your design investment in that it has just paid for itself in increased visitor traffic and conversion rates!

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