10 Reasons You Need WordPress For YOUR Business!

WordPress is used by over 74 million sites that publish new posts every second.  This widely used CMS has become a favorite among businesses because of how powerful of a tool it is. Just how powerful is WordPress exactly? We have 10 POWERFUL reasons why your business should switch to WordPress..NOW!

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread..AND the Knife That Cut That Bread!

1. Um..IT’S FREE!*

Whether you’re a blogger or just launching a new online business, the fact that WordPress is 100 percent free is extremely beneficial for budget conscious businesses.

Best of all, you never have to worry about hidden charges if your site becomes more popular than expected. WordPress will always be free for you to use.

On top of that, WordPress is also open source. This means that you can improve or alter the source code to create the right site for your needs.

* Had to put an asterisk here, because this applies to WordPress.com NOT WordPress.org. They are the same organization, however, WP.org is Self-Hosted, meaning in order to use a WP.org site, you have to have the WP framework installed on a hosting company (ie. GoDaddy.com or HostGator) and it will cost you an astronomical amount of $10-$14 a month! (scarcasm off)


Unlike other content management systems, WordPress is ready to use immediately after installation. This means that you don’t have to “hunt down, install, and configure a long-list of add-ons just to get many of the features WordPress considers core (comments, RSS feeds, revisions, etc.).”

With that said though, the WP Plugin repository has over 30,000 plug-ins and growing daily..you can literally google a feature that you want and you will most likely find exactly what you need for your WordPress Site! Which leads in to #3….


The flexibility of WordPress is another feature that can’t be topped. No matter what you’re using WordPress for – whether as a personal blog or to a popular eCommerce site, WordPress is versatile enough to meet any and all of your needs through its extensive features and extensions.


The most popular search engines actually prefer sites that are powered by WordPress because its framework is easy to crawl.


Since WordPress is such a popular CMS, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s a target for hackers. However, WordPress takes the security of its users very seriously. While you can practice some basic security measures, such as not downloading a theme or plugin from an un-trusted site, WordPress constantly updates its software to prevent attacks. In fact, WordPress has an automatic update feature ever since the release of version 3.7.


WordPress also comes with unprecedented support. This is in part to the extensive WordPress community where you can troubleshoot any question or concern through the WordPress Forums.


The addition of images, video or audio files is a great way to enhance the experience of your users. Thankfully, WordPress makes it easy for you to insert multimedia files into a page or post.

Not only is it easy for you to upload multimedia files, you can also edit files, like images, while in the Media Library Screen.


It’s more important than ever for a website to be mobile friendly to accommodate smartphones and tablets.

With WordPress, however, you don’t have to be concerned over that. It’s already mobile friendly, thanks to many of the themes being responsive.

For Those that are not familiar with the terms “Mobile Friendly” and “Responsive”, If you have to constantly scroll to the Right (or Left) on your mobile phone to look at certain sites, chances are they are using a older HTML based technology that is not Mobile Friendly and rather hard to read.


If you need to switch a provider or host, either because they can’t handle traffic or you’re just frustrated with them, you can do it without having much downtime.

This is because WordPress works with just about every server and hosting company. There are also  FREE WordPress hosting options as well.


Because WordPress hires top-notch developers, you can be certain that WordPress is only going to get better as time goes on.

Also, because WordPress is open source, any developer can enhance the user experience so that it can become the best CMS available on the Planet!

WordPress can be one of the best platforms for your business.  RDG runs and recommends WordPress as our base framework (yeah, we’re a little biased)  but we realize how powerful and efficient it can be.

You can do literally everything with WordPress and We highly recommend that you switch today!

At Reed Design Group, we take the time to listen to your needs and establish an effective design/marketing strategy that helps your business grow!

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The REAL Value of a Good Web Design(er)

A website, combined with a planned internet and social media marketing strategy, allows you to make regular contact with existing clients (Pareto’s Principle says that 80% of our income comes from 20% of our clients so it makes a great deal of sense to keep in contact with them) as well as to market to new clients. And it’s far more efficient and effective than the usual hit-and-run cycle that is usually followed.

A well executed site can bring great value to the business when all three things happen:

  1. The site itself provides useful and pertinent information to the customer without them losing interest.

  2. The designer helps the client with a marketing strategy, or at the very least help get them in touch with a reputable Marketing/SEO team.

  3. As a major part of the business sales funnel,  the Site helps prospects convert to sales or service requests.

When these elements come together, you, as the client will feel great about your design investment in that it has just paid for itself in increased visitor traffic and conversion rates!

Bottom Line:

When these elements come together, you, as the client will feel great about your design investment in that it has just paid for itself in increased visitor traffic and conversion rates!

 Contact Reed Design Group today to find out how we can be a value-add partner to your team!


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